I just started too coming over from OSRS.
I just started too coming over from OSRS. Jun 24

I just started too coming over from OSRS.

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I just started too coming over from OSRS. I am using a brand new account so that I can experience everything fresh because it's been over 10 years since I played the modern version of RuneScape. It's been really fun. Reminds me of the old times when I first started and didn't know what to do and needed to roam around and research stuff. I decided to begin with mining and smithing. I truly like the rework that they did and it seems to be okay starter money (I have already made about 1m in 2 days). I was never a massive quester back in the day so I think that'll be what I attempt next. I learned from this thread which quests could be sorted chronologically so it might be good to knock them out that way and read the story.

OSRS Community knows what matters most

Accurate for great reason. It matters most to say no more to game altering op updates. Bunch of dented heads saying it could be op. They could've easily balanced around it to make it not op, they already removed the option for it providing CoX to you. They were open not to polling it providing hydra tasks, they could've easily adjusted the weight for rare slayer boss tasks(graardor, zilyana, etc.). With a proper block listing you'll be able to find a boss job from Duradel over 50 percent of the time, with another 30 percent being fast tasks or incredible exp tasks. Leaving you needing to bypass 20% of tasks, we almost already have boss slayer.

Having the ability to do boss tasks is op. Runescape is balanced about jobs. This is basically free slayer xp and incentive harm for actions that we already do (bossing off task). From now on people will do bosses. You can state jobs that are certain would balance to be infrequent, but what is ordinary? That are typical to be delegated and it will produce the boss easier to acquire high kc in. Then there would probably be issues with overcrowding (there already is indeed this could make it even worse). Unless they removed the ability to utilize slayer helmet and reduced the slayer xp given drastically it would be creating Runescape more easy. They said themselves these are issues they cant resolve and that it was shelved by them. Sorry but not sorry you wont be getting your easyscape upgrade.

The common bosses would be the ones that are already readily available from Duradel, namely Kalphite, Dagannoth, Aviansies, Sire etc.. Not true with weighting which is exactly what they have been intending on doing. It's already incredibly simple to get a Kalphite or Sire task yet we don't have any trouble discovering open worlds for those do we? It doesn't make it any easier than it already is. Especially considering they had been intending on weighting the difficult to acquire boss jobs low it would be very similar to Duradel handing out a Graardor or even Zily task(~1/500). People that need a slayer manager master to not be worked on by the slayer helm are dented for certain.

You are so full of shit because they did not state that, they shelved it because of dented heads like you not listening to the Q&A or even knowing how to read the blog posts. You all just started frothing at the mouths without even thinking they knew what they were talking about. Mod Arcane stated on the Q&A that they are easily able to make the rarer boss tasks a minimal weight so that it doesn't ruin their rarity, which makes the slayer helm bonus never ovepowered.
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