These charms can be utilised in two manners
These charms can be utilised in two manners Jul 08

These charms can be utilised in two manners

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These charms can be utilised in two manners. The healer may use them directly on the individual they would like to heal. This works nicely, but is harmful for the healer since it may mean straying from the base, (Healers cannot be killed while inside their foundation. Any attacks on them will only render zeros. That said, should they venture out their foundation to heal players, they risk death just like any other participant ) .

Another choice is to throw the charm through the heart stone. Being blessed with enormous power, the center stone can deliver the magical over the whole battlefield to its intended target. This method includes a 15 second cool down to the heart to regenerate its power. If the hearthstone has higher then 250 hitpoints the cool down time increases, up to 30 minutes if the rock is at 500 hitpoints. The cool also drops as it is lower then 250 hitpoints, all of the way to 3 minutes if the stone is at or under 50 hitpoints.

The Heart Stone: The center stone is exactly what forces all the players in this game. It provides the power for every player to call home, with no their hitpoints will instantly drain to zero. The stone is the goal of those opposing teams , for when it dies, the match is finished.

This rock is certainly capable of defending itself . Despite low defense, (compare to 40 defense in black dragon hide), it posses 250 hitpoints, and also the capability to use security prayers. It switches between protecting melee and shielding range. Magic attacks will not be as effective for it as melee or range because of the stone's incredible magical power.

Obtaining points: Attackers get points for just how much damage they deal during the game. Defenders it's a mixture of how much damage you deal to attackers and how damage they dealt to your own stone. You'd get about 400 points a game average.

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