Be sure to stick to his color scheme
Be sure to stick to his color scheme Jul 19

Be sure to stick to his color scheme

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If he becomes gray, switch on Magic and Protect from Melee. Kill him and you'll receive Bones of Eternity. Once you click him, you'll be gifted with the Air Gladiator Helmet. Bring it to Varce. Have you killed Air Gladiator yet? Yes! Here's his helmet and his bones. Great! The next place to visit is the Water Ruins. Use the sword and water ruins to face the Sea Gladiator.

Follow the directions of Varce and make use of the sword to slash the ruin. Sea Gladiator: Face my Bolts of Fury! Sea Gladiator now uses Bolt Spells in addition to melee attacks. The attacks he uses are similar to halberds and are very powerful.

Be sure to stick to his color scheme. Blue is for mage , and green is for melee. Additionally, he will drop more Bones of Eternity. Right-click him, and you will receive Sea Gladiator's Platebody.

Bring this back to Varce. Have you killed him? Yes, this is his bone and plate body! Fantastic, the next destination is located at the Earth Ruins. You must go, and you should use your sword at the Earth Ruins. My Blasts of Fear! Earth Gladiator will shake before the blast he fires, and will become black when using melee. Kill him, grab his bones, and left click to collect his legs.

Send this back to Varce to complete your final Gladiator Task. Are you sure he's clean? Yes Here are the platelegs. Are they all destroyed now, Varce? Unfortunately, no. I have the last key. I was one of the first Gladiators and was given this key through an agreement between Gladia and myself. You can take it.

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Be sure to stick to his color scheme n'a pas encore posté rien