If your own walls come down
If your own walls come down Jul 28

If your own walls come down

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When the walls of the base are weakened that you can go through, you are able to enter. Beware of Vanguards, they will make things difficult. It is also possible to use a tinderbox to deal with the base's damage at various stress points.

If your own walls come down, you can use a bucket of water with the fires the enemy lights to put them out. You win if the base is completely destroyed or all 180 NPC-fighters are dead.

Rewards: Don't criticize them, but provide other alternatives. It's difficult to come up with the best rewards. Elemental Arrows are only shot by magic bow or greater. This will deal damage to all enemies within a grid of 5x5 around the target. To be eligible requirement, you must be able to complete Elemental Workshop Part I.

Vanguard Shield Vanguard Shield - A strong shield which can be used to defend, and it also comes with a prayer bonus. The exp you earn if you train defense will grow. Fancy Stew is a new food item that needs to be cooked.

It can be cooked at any stage however you may prefer a higher cooking level. Heals 25 which is the highest in game. I'm not sure what else to do and I'll let you decide.

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