I had been wondering whether HB is the exact same
I had been wondering whether HB is the exact same Jan 29

I had been wondering whether HB is the exact same

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Can you still recommend it at the price? I've 2K20 on Xbox and it works horribly so I am hoping PC is a little better, but with some other bugs I can ignore.They're worse than Activision in that regard. Activition at least allows you to buy the old games. 2K delists old matches after a time. The oldest WWE 2k it is possible to purchase today (out of third party key sites) is wwe 2k18. 2k17 and elderly are delisted.

From what I can tell 2k does not really discount the older games after a bit. Kind of activision keeps all of the old call of responsibilities at a dumb high cost. Black ops 3 hasn't had a fantastic sale at a really long time.Gathering Storm also includes the gameplay mechanisms of Fall and Development (although not the material of Rise and Fall like extra Civs and Wonders). I have seen a great deal of people suggest to skip Rise and Fall and only buy Gathering Storm. That is exactly what I plan to do.

Definitely the right thing to do. GS gives you Great Ages, Loyalty, Governors, Alliances, Emergencies, Timelines, Resources and Districts, all from Fall and Rise, along with all the GS content. I believe RaF units like Pike and Shot/Spec Ops have been in there tot. AFAIK the only things you aren't getting would be the Civs and some Wonders. So unless you really need the new Civs, RaF can easily be skipped.

Some rather questionable mechanics are introduced which are broken concerning balance, but overall the added sophistication and attributes provide a much greater experience than the bottom game. Both are recommended, Gathering Storm more so.This is part of the larger winter sale. Some very good deals if you are signed up for humble monthly. I always enjoy humble sales.That's one thing that I adore about the monthly thing is that the extra discounts lol. Yeah it doesn't always cover itself in discounts but there is often enough else that I want throughout the months which it can more than justify it.

Cause I checked a bunch, such as Death Stranding and Horizon Zero Dawn and they are not on sale.I think that these sales are all at once. AFAIK Steam does exactly the exact same thing but only highlights different bargains each day.Yes I understand steam does, I had been wondering whether HB is the exact same. Because lots of those games arent on sale. I hunted 4-5 games that I was interested in and none are available, which can be strange

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