As soon as d2r was dropped
As soon as d2r was dropped Feb 20

As soon as d2r was dropped

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Searching for traps Diablo II Resurrected the ladder's start point mf suggestions. Let me preface this by saying I only play hardcore. I generally use sorceress as my main character to benefit from being able to teleport, and also for meph farming that is quick and then build up from there.

As soon as d2r was dropped, I did this, and although I lost a few sorcs at first, it paid off it. I'm now playing with an trav horker Javazon cow killer and I've been playing with a trapsin recently, in anticipation of Diablo II: Resurrected ladder to come.

I am a huge fan of the gameplay of trapsin and its durability. I am pretty sure that I'll be able to solo to victory eventually, using the trapsin ladder to begin (I am online, but generally, I play by myself - I enjoy the ability to trade and so on). I'm very intrigued to try this class once Diablo 2: Resurrected ladder comes but it is likely that I will not have the advantages of enigma and infinity at this point, therefore, here's my question.

Where should a trapsin begin at mf? What's the best place to begin locating gear to enhance the sin as well as the future characters? Meph isn't very effective without teleport, and I'm trying to figure out ideal locations to mine for gear while I'm building and improving my character, while also picking up equipment for other characters.

Trapsin is an excellent option, as you'll be able to farm hell Andy/Meph(Skipping mobs)/Cows in the newly added 85 zones. I'm not sure what I'm going to play as a first-class ladder player. I'm getting a bit burned out of Sorc and I'm considering a Necro or druid or assassin.

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