About ShweChat

ShweChat is a Myanmar Social Networking Platform especially for Myanmar (Burma) that unites and meets people all over places and helps them communicate comfortably and promptly. With our new features, user can create Posts, Blog articles, Events, sharing Photos and Videos, giving likes with most famous reaction icons and even real-time Live Chatting with their online friends.

You can message your friends and see what's new in their lives, share memorable photos and listen non-stop music. Why don't you join our communities? Let's meet new people, and share their love in everyday of wonderful life.

Who we are

We are a group of IT hobbyist virtual friends having a dream to have and create our own Social Network espcecially for Myanmar community.

We want to build relationships and friendships. We get happy when we see happy people around us. We hope you will have an enjoyable social and chatting experiences on our platform and we are eager to improve the user experience every day.

Our goal is to make our local comunity a better place (ShweChat (Shwe=Golden) - ရွှေစကားဝိုင်း) by bringing like-minded people together. We believe that the internet is full of great people and it would be a brilliant idea to connect these amazing minds together.

If you wish to contact us for providing suggestions or any other purpose, leave your message using our chat feature and include "#contactadmin" keyword in your message. We will try our best to contact you.