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After playing the game for a good few hours, our very own Adam Cook has determined that FIFA 23 could well be one of the best games the series has ever put on the field. Despite some cringe-worthy performances from some real-world athletes and some questionable dressing to the game at large, there17;s one thing we17;ve learned: at least the game plays well. It17;s especially reassuring given that the new game is built from the ground up this year, overwriting what17;s come before.

23;Star players feel exactly that,23; writes Adam in his preview. 23;Salah is as unplayable as he is most weekends in the real world; strong and rapid, no defender brave enough to go to ground near the penalty box.

23;There’s a reason Chelsea’s Lukaku is on the ones to watch list, as he scored a goal against me later that was, Partridge-isms aside, absolutely textbook. The ball is hit long to his chest, he brings it down, spins, folding the defender into his back pocket, with enough time to sign a few autographs for the fans, before smashing it into the net.23;

The game puts player power in your hands like never before, and iterations to mechanics like player-switching make for more meaningful command in your hands, and less frustration all-around, to boot.

There17;s so much more to learn about the game from our early impressions at the link above, so head on over to get the full lowdown on everything FIFA 23.In the 30 minute presentation during an EA Play stream, the FIFA 23 development team discussed what impact deeper player intelligence driven by the power of next-gen consoles can have in helping create a newer level of tactical realism.

If that sounds like a bit of a mouthful (let17;s be honest, it is!) check out the video below – it shows off what all that jargon means in real terms. To put it simply, compared to previous games, FIFA 23 has better AI thanks to the computer17;s capability to process 6x more decisions per second.

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