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A city returning to Diablo 4

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In his youth, Cain lived most of his life in the pursuit of knowledge, from studying 'archaic teachings' of Kehjistan, a city returning to Diablo 4. to that behind the Order of Zakarum. It was a process of obsession that led to conflict between his family and friends, as Cain would keep them away completely in pursuit of knowledge, including His wife Amelia and his young son Jered who was named after Deckard's grandfather. In his studies he was unable to catch the most important moments of his son's existence and did not seem to be apathetic when Jered was struck with a fever that nearly killed him. Disappointed, Amelia would take Jered and then leave Tristram in the hope of a caravan to be attacked by bandits, that led to their loss. Their deaths would continue to haunt Deckard for the rest of his life.

in 1258 Leoric came to the region of Khanduras and, in the title of Zakarum the king, declared himself king of the country and Tristram the capital. Staying in Tristram, the scholar served as a mentor to Prince Aidan, who would become one of Diablo's most powerful characters throughout the course of the game. But as time went along the king Leoric became increasingly dictatorial in his treatment of all who dared to challenge him. Cain began writing down his thoughts in a diary and began to look back at the stories his late mother would relate to.

When the Darkening of Tristram, Deckard Cain looked through the volumes contained within the library of Tristram Cathedral. Tristram Cathedral, specifically old Horadric texts. The books contained the exact tales that his mother would relate the tales, and he couldn't stop from noting that the books included demons and angels as not myths, but as true players in the history of Sanctuary. He also realized the fact that it was Jered Cain his ancestor who was the person who led the Horadrim party who pursued and captured Diablo. According to the narratives in these Horadric documents, Cain was convinced that the King Leoric was in some way controlled by the demon Diablo, but never acted on this information.

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