NBA 2K23 will be slightly faster than its predecessor
NBA 2K23 will be slightly faster than its predecessor Aug 16

NBA 2K23 will be slightly faster than its predecessor

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Weekly and Moment Challenges are also changing, with 2K Sports targeting player retention more than ever. You’ll now be able to play Pick-Up Challenges once per day, with your opponent determined by the strength of your squad. You’ll be able to get a different reward every 23 hours, so it’s all designed around making you come back every day of the week. There’ll also be new Event Cards you can collect, and getting them all will reward you with various different prizes.

In order to push players towards the Pack Market, you’ll be able to get limited edition holographic versions of cards exclusively when pulled from packs. While these will have the same stats and attributes as “standard cards”, we suspect 2K Sports is banking on that “limited edition” aspect tempting people to open their wallets. You’ll also be able to get your cards “graded” for MP bonuses, although frankly the explanation in the blog posts baffles us, so we’ll need to try that out for ourselves.

There’s much more information in the Courtside Report – a frightening amount, to be frank – but the other main thing that you need to know is that 2K Sports is adding a lot more depth to the customisation aspect, and will also be marking celebrities and pro players with icons, so you’ll be able to identify them should you meet them online. Tons to look forward to, then – assuming you can get past those microtransactions, of course.

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