Dark and Darker is presently listed as ‘coming soon’
Dark and Darker is presently listed as ‘coming soon’ Sep 01

Dark and Darker is presently listed as ‘coming soon’

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That’s the whole lot we understand about the Dark and Darker launch date for now. If you missed out on treasured playtest time and want to get a headstart on the opposition for next time, Ironmace has prepare a handy cheat manual to get you started out.

Otherwise, make sure you’re up to date on the Dark and Darker gadget requirements, as well as whether or not the fantasy recreation is Steam Deck verified, so you’re equipped for the Dark and Darker launch date when it in the end arrives. With this a whole lot recognition early on, we might be witnessing the improvement of one of the first-class PC video games this year.

Following a lawsuit in opposition to developer Ironmace due to alleged similarities with an unannounced recreation (currently entitled P3) from Dark and Darker‘s former publisher, Nexon, the game became removed from numerous storefronts, which include Steam. Despite this, as well as an alleged police raid, Ironmace has remained adamant that the sport might nonetheless release.

On Monday, August 7, the Dark and Darker team confirmed in the game’s Discord that it has determined a distributor for the game: Chaf Games. This has been showed by developer ‘Graysun,’ who writes “Chafgames is our legitimate companion and they are additionally helping us prepare. Thank you!”

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