A darkish figure moved underneath the boughs
A darkish figure moved underneath the boughs Sep 12

A darkish figure moved underneath the boughs

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A darkish figure moved underneath the boughs, and the wizard notion he detected the faint sound of... Jingling? Quickly he grabbed the timber group of workers which changed into secured at his horse’s flank. Deftly he undid the straps and raised its knotted tip. A crimson glow sprang forth and illuminated the scene, basking the shadowy stranger in relaxed warm temperature.

Startled, the wizard arched his back.

It became a jester, wearing a crimson and black, close-fiting outfit. He held a sceptre in his hand and wore a three-pointed hat upon his head, bells jingled at the give up of each of his three liliripes. His age changed into hard to guess, he appeared neither young nor very Old. He changed into tall and thin and his lengthy legs reminded the wizard of the storks that frequented the shore near the Wizards’ Tower.

The outlandish person bowed, and as he did so he tripped. Head over heels he went, landing immediately earlier than the unamused gaze of the vital yak.

The wizard laughed involuntarily. That earned him a comical frown.

“It’s now not exceptional to giggle at someone else’s misfortune,” the jester chastised, clambering to his feet as a 2d determine stepped into the red mild. Uttering a small cry, the wizard swung the glowing tip of the body of workers in the course of the newcomer.

It changed into a goblin. He carried a damaged-tipped spear and sported unwell-becoming chain mail that became too massive for his small body. As he moved, the dented bronze helmet he wore slipped down over his eyes. The creature gave a strangled gurgle in his confusion, and righted the helmet.

“Do now not fear him,” the jester stated. “He lives by the roadside, and begs off strangers.”

“I do no longer worry him,” the wizard spoke back, his composure regained. “From the appearance of him, he’s without a doubt now not a fighter. However he ought to be careful now not to make a nuisance of himself, for if he does, most likely he shall be slain.”

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