Fut 23:He picking up free agents in the mid-season
Fut 23:He picking up free agents in the mid-season Sep 16

Fut 23:He picking up free agents in the mid-season

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Jota esports ambitions have always been grand, but he aware that these things take time. His partnership with Galaxy Racer sees him become a shareholder in the company and create Luna Galaxy, a new brand under the Galaxy Racer umbrella. The name is as collaborative as the merging process, bringing Galaxy together with Luna, the name of Jota beloved dog who graced the logo of his esports team previous incarnation.

ldquo;Sometimes a lot of announcements of celebrities and athletes creating these teams and all that, says Galaxy Racer CEO Paul Roy. ldquo;But I can tell you he probably ten times more involved in this project than I am personallyhellip; He there every single step of the way and that pretty amazing to see.

Roy has turned Galaxy Racer into an esports powerhouse in the Middle East, with many European and American teams competing in top esports titles under his banner. It all started as a company ldquo;exclusively focused on women esports, Roy tells me, hosting women events and bringing their own female team on board to compete. To this day, 60 percent of the company revenue comes from what Roy describes as ldquo;female brands.

Galaxy Racer expanded far beyond that, and is now home to male and female esports teams, lifestyle brands, a music label, and a portfolio of seven game developers and publishers across the world. Roy believes that Galaxy Racer new title, coming soon, ldquo;will be the next big esport. He attributes the company success to this multi-pronged approach, and when you look across the esports world, the biggest brands are doing the same.

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