Madden nfl 24 :Are you going to exercise for teams ahead of the draft?
Madden nfl 24 :Are you going to exercise for teams ahead of the draft? Sep 20

Madden nfl 24 :Are you going to exercise for teams ahead of the draft?

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Austin Seferian Jenkins'final season with Washington was marked by setbacks.The most recent setback was an injury to the stress bone found in his foot during his medical exam at the Madden NFL 24 Combine in Indianapolis that kept the player from exercising.The more serious issue was his conviction for DUI in the month of March 2013 for which he pleaded guilty and served a full day in jail(the other 363 days of his sentence were suspended).

In between,Seferian Jenkins reaffirmed himself to be one of the top tight ends across the country.Though his numbers dipped coming after a stellar sophomore season,Seferian Jenkins brought away the John Mackey Award as the top tight end in college football and could be one of the first players in his position to hear his name called in the Madden NFL 24 Draft in May.

In the meantime,he's recovering and preparing for the next step.He spoke to Madden 24 and explained the lessons he's learned from his arrest,as well as how they evaluate his performance as a player.What kind of things are you doing to present you to Madden NFL 24 teams right now?What's your interaction with teams?

Well,unfortunately I can't work out.I'm a competitive athlete and am a fan of working out and I do it for teams,but I'm not able to since I'm currently recovering.That's why I go out and tell them,when I'm visiting with teams and speaking with them,I'll tell them about my personality and who I am,my values,and what I'm bringing to the football field each day.That's all I'm capable of doing and that's exactly the message I'm showing them today.

When you're on the road what do you prefer to present yourself?What are you doing to separate yourself from a impressive tightly-held group?Wherever I go they're going to find a highly skilled,motivated man who's will get every bit of his potential

I'm not too concerned about these kinds of things.I'm just focused on how they will come to know my person.I'm not going to attempt to make myself appear or present an image that isn't mine.In reality,I'm myself I'm a fun and easy-going person who likes to put in the hours,and who's very driven and determined.

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