2 DespotArsquo;s Game: Dystopian Army Builder
2 DespotArsquo;s Game: Dystopian Army Builder Sep 21

2 DespotArsquo;s Game: Dystopian Army Builder

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The game-based Pokemon don't even sound as cute as they do in the anime, and itArsquo;s not like the NPCs have much voice acting to appreciate, so you're not missing out on much essential adventure-progressing content when you activate mute. But maybe turn the tunes back on when you reach the Elite Four, though. That music is epic.

3 Rocket League
No dialogue, no live-or-die audio cues, just some good olArsquo; fashioned RC soccer. Swap your brakes for a rocket-powered booster in this superfast sports arcade, where youArsquo;ll need to perfect your reaction time and hand-eye coordination more than your listening skills.

Depending on your need for quiet, you might want to consider keeping voice chat off the chopping block, though. Coordinating with your teammates in real time can give you a serious edge over the course of a Rocket League match, so give it a chance if you can. Otherwise, youArsquo;re free to embrace the silence.

2 DespotArsquo;s Game: Dystopian Army Builder
A lot of the character that sets DespotArsquo;s Game apart as a truly fresh roguelike tactics title comes from its audio. But freshness be darned, you wonArsquo;t be faulted for putting it all on mute, if thatArsquo;s how you want to roll.

Descend deeper and deeper into the sprawling dungeons as you build an army to challenge the diverse and menacing opponents within. YouArsquo;ll be pew-pewing without the satisfying sound of those pew-pews, but you shouldnArsquo;t run in to any roadblocks as you make a run for the final boss.

1 Elderand
This dark, slightly creepy side-scrolling RPG really thrives on its unique art style, so thankfully you can't turn that off. But no sound? No problem. YouArsquo;ll be just fine slashing your way through ElderandArsquo;s labyrinthine maps in silence, as long as you pay attention to the text-based dialogue.

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