Mmoexp FC 24:When using a formation involving the centre
Mmoexp FC 24:When using a formation involving the centre Oct 04

Mmoexp FC 24:When using a formation involving the centre

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Nonetheless, purchasing the Slovenian can be a costly deal, and he is highly valued by the Spanish club. Regardless of his price, having him in between the sticks could provide a lot of support to the backline since he has the ability to make tremendous saves.

3 Thibaut Courtois, Real Madrid
Thibaut Courtois stands out as the highest-rated goalkeeper in FC 24, and it comes with no surprise, given how good he has been recently for Real Madrid. The Belgian player essentially sits a rating of 90, and buying him for the quick rebuilds of top teams would be a good choice.

Having him as your team number one could be significant. He would retain his overall rating for a fair number of seasons unless he considers early retirement or faces injury issues. However, alongside a big price tag, signing Thibaut Courtois would require you to pay him hefty wages.

2 Karim Benzema, Real Madrid
Following the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema became the star man for Real Madrid, and he played a big part in the team winning the different trophies. Although he has signed a deal to move to Saudi Arabia in real life, you can acquire the player from La Liga in the Career Mode.

The French centre forward is basically the tied-highest rated player in the game, possessing a rating of 91. He may not be as quick as other players in the position, but he is lethal when given a chance in front of the goal.

1 Robert Lewandowski, FC Barcelona
Robert Lewandowski was the signing of the season for FC Barcelona, and he scored plenty of goals that enabled the team to win the La Liga title after a three-year absence. He even ended up winning the Pichichi Trophy in his first season in Spain, scoring 23 goals in the season.

With an overall rating of 91 in FC 24, Robert Lewandowski is tied for first place with Karim Benzema and a few other players, such as Lionel Messi. His incredible shooting statistics and physicality will make him a deadly presence at the top of the pitch if you sign him for your club in the Career Mode.

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