This totem tics every three seconds
This totem tics every three seconds Oct 11

This totem tics every three seconds

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This creates a scenario for casters that they have to go through both of these cooldowns, if they'd like to get any type of CC or damage, it's vital to pay attention to the Earth's shock and Grounding Totem because if aren't attentive then you'll be falling over yourself trying to get tasks out.

I personally utilize Omnibar to keep track of these. It is an extremely helpful accessory for tracking and cooldowns another incredibly important thing to know about is the tremor. It is a totem that is believed to remove any fear charm and sleep effects for example, Wyvern staying afraid Mind Control seduction etc.

This totem tics every three seconds. You can actually use an add-on called Gladdy to keep track of the timer. It'll display the timer directly over the totem. It provides an additional frame over the totem that is quite nice.

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