What many people overlook are the benefits
What many people overlook are the benefits Nov 09

What many people overlook are the benefits

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How to do Marcus Rashford celebration in EA FC 24
The easiest way to perform the Marcus Rashford celebration is to score a goal with the player himself, then by holding either X on PlayStation, A on Xbox or B on Nintendo Switch the move will initiate. For times when not playing as Rashford, several extra commands will be needed to make the player copy the celebration. See below for the differences per platform:

The first time Marcus Rashford performed his now famous celebration was in a victory for Manchester United against Wolves in December 2022. The meaning behind it stems from the players own mental health issues and he is now taking control of them.

Its also a way of helping to spotlight mental health in football and general life, with it historically being overlooked. "I was struggling at times with more mental things. It wasn’t really my own performance, but other things off the pitch. That’s the biggest difference from last season," said Rashford (via Sky Sports).

"Too often last season, I wasnt in the right headspace for games. I wasnt surprised by some of the stuff that was happening." Following this, many players around the world – such as Bukayo Saka, Erling Haaland and Tammy Abraham – have all celebrated the same way to help put a focus on mental health.

Now this latest addition to EA FC 24 has helped immortalise the celebration in video game form, too. Listen to our One More Life podcast, subscribe to our free newsletter and follow us on Twitter for all the latest gaming intel. Looking for something to watch? Check out our TV Guide or Streaming Guide.

Now that the FIFA name is a thing of the past, EA Sports FC 24 is expanding several aspects of the beloved football franchise - one of which involves the camera settings, with the introduction of a new option for players to take advantage of. There are a total of 11 camera settings available in EA FC 24.

Many people naturally opt for the classic camera view that has appeared across TV screens for decades, though weve turned to pro player NealGuides to find out which is truly the best. This can also be found within the pause menu of any match. See below for the full list of cameras:

The YouTuber has made a name for himself as one of the most popular FIFA tutorial content creators on the web, with over 250,000 subscribers, so its fair to say they know a thing or two about the subject. What camera setting does NealGuides recommend?Tactical camera in EA FC 24.

Coins are an important aspect of FC 24 and are necessary for players to build and strengthen their squads. The more coins a player has, the more they can invest to get better players and improve their chaances of success on the virtual court. The https://www.mmoexp.com/Fc-24/Coins.html platform will be the best choice for players, selling cheapest FC 24 coins online all day long.

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