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Related: Did I Make The Ultimate Team? Nov 13

Related: Did I Make The Ultimate Team?

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AcceleRATE measures playersrsquo; stats to put them in three groups: Explosive for players with high agility and acceleration but short stature, Lengthy for players with high strength and decent acceleration and a tall stature, and Controlled for everyone else. Vinicius Jr. is an Explosive player, Virgil van Dijk is Lengthy, and Son Heung-min is Controlled. Check our right backsrsquo; stats and all of them are Controlled, barring Walker who is Lengthy.

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FC players, and specifically Ultimate Team players, are seeking out Lengthy footballers to add to their teams because they appear to have the best distributions of important stats. Maybe it a new meta, maybe it important to keep an eye on, but I canrsquo;t take it seriously. Irsquo;ve got nothing against the likes of Haaland, Rudiger, and Peter Crouch, but calling them lengthy is inherently hilarious, right? Irsquo;ve never described a person as lengthy in my life. Tall, yes, lanky even. But lengthy? That reserved for, hell I donrsquo;t even know. A racetrack? At risk of sounding juvenile, there also something phallic about the word lengthy, right? Why donrsquo;t we start calling stocky players girthy instead?

There a whole conversation to be had about FC gameplay in relation to playersrsquo; stats, and how some of the world greatest players ndash; the likes of Benzema and Lewa ndash; are left discarded and unused because theyrsquo;re not fast enough for FC. Bobby Moore, England greatest ever centre back, costs less than Kyle Walker. 66 pace and a Controlled AcceleRATE stat will do that to you. But for the moment, I canrsquo;t get past that stupid name. In the meantime, Irsquo;ll be signing Wolvesrsquo; Nathan Collins for a bargain right back ndash; he Lengthy, after all, and therefore probably better than Trent. Or I would be signing him, had I not quit already.The Next FC Should Be A Live-Service Game

There are some obvious reasons why not to. People still buy it every year, and by completely resetting their progress in Ultimate Team, EA is assured of constant player investment. I dont usually make it my business to comment on what the best profit strategy is when it comes to video games. Im aware these are commercial ventures, but Im never going to take the position of siding with a method that makes life worse for everyone purely because it makes money. What more, Im not even sure that would need to change.
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