Freekicks and corners have also been revamped,
Freekicks and corners have also been revamped, Nov 14

Freekicks and corners have also been revamped,

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FC 24 is FC. It a last hurrah for the brand name before the awful-and-surely-subject-to-change EA Sports Football Club arrives next year, but it doesnt feel like it in beta. I cant talk too much about the game modes, but nothing weve been told suggests EA sees this as a goodbye for FC. The next yearly football game from EA, whatever its name will be, right now feels as though it will continue to be FC in spirit. What do I mean when I say it FC then? Well, it a FC game.

You run fast and kick a ball and it goes in the net. That sounds a little lsquo;Go SpOrTsrsquo; but FC is the series I have played the most across my entire life. Ive owned every FC day one since 2002. I love FC, and while it has faced challengers within football and from other sports sims, it remains the pinnacle of the genre. That the bones of the game havent changed might draw an eye roll from outsiders wondering why people would pay full price for a roster change, but for those already bought into the FC concept, that FC 24 is as FC as ever will be positively received.

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Id argue it not just a roster change either. Even though I forked out the money for it each year, I do think that towards the end of the previous generation life cycle, that what we were getting. The dribbling improvements hardly moved the needle, The Journey never grabbed me, and Volta didnt get off the ground. Last year, however, it felt like a new-gen FC with the addition of HyperMotion to help smooth things over. This year seems to build on this new-gen feeling once again - unfortunately though, I cant talk about all of the ways it manages to just yet. Eventually Im sure this new iteration of FC will plateau too, but until then Im looking forward to seeing it build year on year.

For now, here some things I can talk about. We now have power shots, which as you might have guessed, are shots that are more powerful. You tap both bumpers at once and hold the shoot button, and youll drill a, well, powerful shot in. This is the same button combo (and same idea) as the driven shot, but it has more of an impact and is much more effective. It much easier to pull off than other additions to shooting in recent years, and very satisfying.

The game advises you to do it only when outside the box and unmarked, but it can be activated anywhere. It manual aiming even if you play with auto shooting, but I scored from my first one and managed to have a pretty high success rate. The big downside to these shots are that things slow down slightly on your backswing and the camera zooms in. It gets old quickly, especially when it used against you. A little too Mario Strikers for my liking, but a solid addition overall.

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Freekicks and corners have also been revamped, has not posted anything yet