Juventus Returns In FC 24 After EA Reacquires
Juventus Returns In FC 24 After EA Reacquires Nov 15

Juventus Returns In FC 24 After EA Reacquires

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The game develops players through three different personality types: Maverick, Virtuoso, and Heartbeat. The type of personality you develop changes your character playstyle on the field. Mavericks tend to be risk takers on the field, opting not to pass to the teammate and taking the shot themselves. Similarly, Heartbeat players put the team first and will look to work together to make the goal.

Other changes include the option to take control of real-life managers and play-the-moments options. The game is set to release on September 30.Wersquo;re probably going to hear a lot of talk about HyperMotion2 in the run-up to FC 24, and in true marketing speak, it likely going to be deliberately vague. For that reason, Irsquo;m going to use the press release on HyperMotion2 EA sent us along with the beta. Irsquo;ll paraphrase what EA has said about the improvements, and Irsquo;ll describe how effective (or noticeable) they are. Let dive in.

Advanced 11v11 Capture - This is one of the things EA says helps and we just have to smile and nod. By using motion capture on real games of football (as it did for FC 22), EA claims everything is more realistic this year. We canrsquo;t really measure that based on that alone, so Irsquo;m just going to smile and nod.

Machine Learning - As FC 24 goes on, it will continue to grow and become more realistic as it goes on. I canrsquo;t really judge that on the beta, so I have nothing of note to say here.

Full Team Authentic Motion - If this sounds the same as Advanced 11v11 Capture, that because it is. Essentially, off-the-ball players will be more authentic in their movements. Irsquo;m not sure I saw that, but once we get into the more specific aspects, wersquo;ll see FC 24 improvements shine.

Powering the Women Game - What this means is the HyperMotion2 tech around the women game is based on motion capture of female players, offering a different approach and more depth to the game. I didnrsquo;t really notice it with just a couple of games to test it, but Irsquo;m hoping with the new women club football Irsquo;ll get a bigger chance to test it.

Technical Dribbling - There been a lot of talk about some of the new skill moves wersquo;ve seen in trailers, but everything seems a little simpler in practice. This sounds like a criticism, but it for the best - in real life you never see Salah beating opponents with a rainbow flick. You still can turn every player with five-star skills into Neymar, but players have more of the ball-on-a-string Eden Hazard feel to them now.

ML-Jockey - A few of the usual FC tropes werenrsquo;t there in FC 24, and the wonky jockeying was one of them. This is perhaps the biggest upgrade. Tackling/jostling always seemed a little fake in previous games, but it feels like battles are more determined by individual stats and your choices with the controller.

AcceleRATE - This claims to add a lsquo;new layer of personalityrsquo; to how players accelerate, but we already had the acceleration stats. I felt like all the changes were covered by changes to jockeying, as running with open space in front of you didnrsquo;t feel much different.

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