We assume that the developers will not only publish
We assume that the developers will not only publish Nov 21

We assume that the developers will not only publish

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These "goodies" were available in FC 24. We assume that the bonuses for FC 24 will be similar or the same. In the Ultimate-Edition, there will be more bonuses. The Standard Edition provides you with the above-mentioned stuff, so it's worthwhile for FUT players.

You also get the homegrown through normal talent promotion. If you want to be living in FUT from day one, then the Ultimate Edition is even more worthwhile. But it is also more expensive. With the Ultimate Edition, you get the bonuses mentioned above and on top:

Pre-order access (pre-orders get FC 24 three days earlier and can play on September, 27).Ones to Watch card4600 FC PointsBoth Versions Claim (for example PS4 / PS5)FC World Cup FUT Hero Player Item
If you want to get the FC World Cup FUT Hero Player Item, you have to pre-order FC 24 until August 22 otherwise this bonus will expire. All information about the World Cup mode can be found in this separate article.

There are several ways to pre-order FC 24. Of course, you can pre-order on the internet. On the EA website, you will see all platforms and versions. You will also find it on relevant sites like Amazon, Ebay or other online shops.

You will also be able to pre-order FC 24 in the classic shops of your choice. Additionally, FC 24 will be available as download version for PlayStation and Xbox. You just have to keep an eye on the offer of your console, and you can pre-order FC 24 directly in the console store.

We are all really excited to finally play FC 24. Because then not only the most exciting phase in Ultimate Team starts (the grind post release, of course), but also some new features and the latest ratings for the career mode are available.

We are in a positive mood and just assume that EA Sports will go all out this year – after all, FC 24 could be the last FC... maybe ever. But when will the game be released? When is the official FC launch this year? When can we finally play it? We have a pretty good idea...

From the past years we can deduce that the official release of FC – that is when really EVERYONE can play it – is always on a Friday. There it usually starts with OTWs and some better packs... it's almost like the opening ceremony in FUT. To find out when FC 24 will be released, we should first take a look at EA's games from previous years.

Coins are an important aspect of FC 24 and are necessary for players to build and strengthen their squads. The more coins a player has, the more they can invest to get better players and improve their chaances of success on the virtual court. The https://www.mmoexp.com/Fc-24/Coins.html platform will be the best choice for players, selling cheapest FC 24 coins online all day long.

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