A win will get you four points
A win will get you four points Nov 22

A win will get you four points

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The first thing to know about FUT Champions is the structure. First, you need to earn 1,250 FUT Champions Qualification Points. These are gained through playing Division Rivals or ranking high enough in a previous FUT Champions Finals. When you have enough points, you can gain entry to the Playoffs.

As long as you have the required points, you can enter Playoffs at any time. They consist of 10 matches, with four wins needed to gain a Finals Qualification Token, which grants access to FUT Champions Finals. Rewards are on offer at this stage, with more wins getting you better rewards!

You can then choose to redeem the Finals Qualification Token to enter the upcoming or current FUT Champions Finals of the week. Here, you will have 20 matches to win as many games as possible. Once again, the more wins you get the higher rank you will earn, and the better rewards you will gain.

FUT Champions Finals offer some of the best rewards in the game, so if you want to take your team to the top this is the mode for you! The FC 24 FUT Champions start time and finish are as follows:

Although you can gain FUT Champions Qualification Points at any point while playing Division Rivals and can choose to enter Playoffs at any time, there is a restricted time period to play FUT Champions Finals in FC 24. This is where it has earned its alternate name of Weekend League.

Throughout the Ultimate Team campaign, these times may get adjusted. FUT Champions rewards have been changed slightly in FC 24 Ultimate Team. The main difference is that Ultimate Team Champions Player Items, also known as Red Picks, have been replaced!

This usually happens during the Team of the Season promo, where the start time is moved to 3pm ET / 8pm BST and the finish time is set to Wednesdays at 3am ET / 8am BST. This allows players to gain the latest players released as part of their rewards.

If there is any unexpected maintenance on the game or players are unable to access the mode, EA may also choose to extend the FUT Champions Finals finish time. This will be announced in-game and via the official EA Sports FC Direct Communication account on X (formerly Twitter).

Rewards of equivalent in-game value have been brought in instead of them, although Red Picks are said to return at various periods throughout the year. This is to better reward elite play, celebrating the best of the best each week. The updated rewards in FC 24 FUT Champions Finals are as follows:

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