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I enjoy the act of drawing, especially when Im creating new things. I almost always end up pleasantly surprised because unexpected things emerge. And when you see Giada Marchisios colours on top of your lines, you can’t ask for more!

Are there any cards or illustrations from this batch of Heroes that you’re particularly proud of? If so, why?One of my favorite cards is definitely the one of Alex Scott, due to the amount of detail and the powerful image she conveys. Also, [John Arne] Riise with that cyborg kick is another favourite of mine!

Are you a football fan yourself? If so, who do you support? Im a big fan of the Spanish national football team, and now more than ever of the new World Champions! Who would be your favourite all-time player that you’d love to draw as a Hero?

Which Hero do you think players will most be drawn to this year? I have the impression that, this year, Sneijder and Tevez will capture a lot of attention. By entering your details, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions and privacy policy. You can unsubscribe at any time.

And finally, what do you think that footballers have in common with Marvel heroes? Both are idolised by the masses, of course! I believe both have a significant impact on popular cultures. Besides their global popularity and iconic status, fans are equally passionate about both the players and the characters.

They serve as sources of inspiration and role models for millions of people of all ages, as they embody qualities such as determination, leadership, and the pursuit of excellence. EA Sports FC 24 launches on 29th September, with early access from 22nd September for players who pre-order the Ultimate Edition.

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With its release date fast approaching, EA has revealed the EA Sports FC 24 PC requirements - both the minimum requirements and recommended specs are now live. Before you rush out and pre-order the shiny new football game on PC, you’ll need to know if your rig can run it.

Fortunately, the PC specifications have been revealed, and now it’s up to you to see if your set-up matches what EA recommends or if you have to upgrade. With new features including women’s football being added to its Ultimate Team, there is plenty to get excited about for the season ahead.

Coins are an important aspect of FC 24 and are necessary for players to build and strengthen their squads. The more coins a player has, the more they can invest to get better players and improve their chaances of success on the virtual court. The platform will be the best choice for players, selling cheapest FC 24 coins online all day long.

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