Julian Brandt was one of Dortmund’s top performers
Julian Brandt was one of Dortmund’s top performers Nov 29

Julian Brandt was one of Dortmund’s top performers

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The Companion App is – well, as its name would suggest – a companion application for FC 24 Ultimate Team and should therefore be downloaded by every single FC player out there. If you take FUT seriously, the app is your best friend and supports you with many features.

Here's a small excerpt of what you can do with the Companion App: The Companion App is usually released at the same time as the official launch of FC, or even a few days prior. FC 24 was released on October 01, 2021, while the Companion App has been available since September 23, 2021.

With regard to FC 24, we can expect a similar timeline again – but EA will surely announce the exact dates in advance. If you had taken a look at the FUT calendar a few weeks ago, no one really expected a Showdown Series. Usually, EA Sports releases these SBCs only sporadically and doesn't turn them into a real event.

Nevertheless, Showdown SBCs in FC are always pretty awesome. Just like some other events in FUT, they are linked to real life match results. Short recap in case you started your FUT journey: If their team wins, the player gets a +2 Upgrade, while a draw improves both cards by +1. Easy, right? So let's take a look at the best FUT Showdown cards in FC 24!

Here is our EA Sports FC 24 Borussia Dortmund ratings prediction: Borussia Dortmund will be a top club to take over in an FC 24 Career Mode. Expect him to be an early Ultimate Team favourite in midfield, with great stats all-round. EA Sports FC 24 Barcelona ratings predictions, transfers, and leaks

They may have lost Jude Bellingham to Real Madrid, but the side still has some of the best young players and top wonderkids in the game!They missed out on the top spot to rivals Bayern Munich last season, so can you give the club the best season supporters have seen?

Gregor Kobel saw his rating shoot up during the FC 24 campaign and will start FC 24 as Borussia Dortmund’s highest-rated player. He went from an 83 OVR to an 86 OVR and will keep that rating going into the new game.Expect him to be one of the best goalkeepers around, thanks to his high potential!

Big German Niklas Sule is so solid at the back, with great strength. He may not be agile, and he might not get off the mark quickly, but once he gets going he has some pace about him!Expect him to be one of the top players at the club. Depending on the upgrade, he might also sneak into the Gullit Gang!

We expect Marco Reus will see a slight downgrade in FC 24, not because the Borussia Dortmund captain had a poor season, but because injury limited his game time. He still managed eight goals and eight assists in 31 matches last season. The BVB stalwart has been one of the best players at the club for years, but age and injury have caught up with him, so we may see a drop-off coming.

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