Their stats aren't very strong, they don't fit into any
Their stats aren't very strong, they don't fit into any Nov 30

Their stats aren't very strong, they don't fit into any

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If we're even showing you the cheapest solution, it means that this challenge has a lot to offer! And of course, even with average cards, you should know how to get the cheapest deal. So let's take a look at the teams you have to swap for FUT Birthday Sergio Ramos:

It's the end of September, beginning of October in 2022. What do you get in return? Money taken out of your pocket via Ultimate Team, even worse gameplay, and gray hairs that start to grow from the ever worsening frustration. Here are at least 5 reasons why you shouldn't buy FC 24!

We already know it... In the end we are again the very first morons who start trading via the web app and have already installed the full version of FC 24 on the console or on the PC ten days before release. But at some point this has to end, and there are actually enough factors that speak against a purchase.

Sure, there's a bit of sarcasm involved, but you should always critically question EA and its games. And look for alternatives. Unfortunately there aren't any... If you want to get in the mood for FC 24, you can read this article with all leaks, rumors and confirmed facts. FC 24 will definitely have crossplay, that's really nice.

But the negative arguments outweigh, and here they are. Up until a certain point, FC 24 was also still playable, but the January patch ruined a lot of it. Why does this keep happening? The game is good at release, it's fun. Defending is a challenge, you have to fight for victories.

But then all the Thorstens complain, who are 50 years old and always get their asses kicked in the Weekend League. They then cry to EA because the gameplay is too fast for them. The game is patched, the gameplay is slower, 99% of the community is ****ed up.

But Thorsten is happy. The most successful German FC streamer, Elias "EliasN97" has also been upset about this and announced that he doesn't want to play FC 24 anymore because of this. If you don't want to spend money on FC Ultimate Team, it's important to follow some trading tips.

There were rumors some time ago that FC 24 will be Free to Play. But these were quickly refuted, so the concept remains the same. FC costs, depending on the version, 70-100€ at release, and if you want to be successful in Ultimate Team, you MUST spend FC Points for packs.

We all know how expensive these FC Points are. If you would earn a CR7 only by normal playing and trading, you would have to spend months with grind and search. The simplest solution: buy FC Points and hope to draw good players in a gambling-like system.

EA earns billions of Euros every year with Ultimate Team alone, so there is no chance that this system will be changed. No company in the world is going to give up that revenue. We can only hope that EA will be accused of gambling and therefore will no longer be allowed to sell packs for FUT.

Probably everybody knows that Icons, TOTYs, or the best of the best Future Stars in FC 24 can get you a ton of coins if you manage to find them. These aren't the only cards you should look out for, though, there are also a lot of non-rare gold players that are worth keeping.

This includes offering non-rare gold players on the transfer market to get some extra value out of them. After all, every coin matters... Players who don't play in their own country can often be sold for a lot of coins, as they are very popular for some SBCs.

Coins are an important aspect of FC 24 and are necessary for players to build and strengthen their squads. The more coins a player has, the more they can invest to get better players and improve their chaances of success on the virtual court. The platform will be the best choice for players, selling cheapest FC 24 coins online all day long.

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