This is the essence of Jim Harbaugh
This is the essence of Jim Harbaugh Dec 21

This is the essence of Jim Harbaugh

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However, Mark Sanchez notched as many games in his first two seasons just like Russell Wilson. It's a flawed metric, but still. That's not nothing.

Any criticism of Sanchez's career is also hampered due to his rebirth in Philadelphia. In four appearances for the Eagles from the moment Nick Foles broke his collarbone, Sanchez has completed 62.3% of his passes, having scored seven touchdowns, and six interceptions. Sanchez has completed more than 300 yards in all three of his appearances, and when he faced the Panthers the other night, he completed more than 265 yards with no Interception in the league for the second time. In the end, he's done ... sort of good. It's a testament to the coaching profession: another feather in Chip Kelly's cap as well as a good reason to Brian Schottenheimer to never hold another coaching job in pro football.

It's rare to find a quarterback who has been with the team for five years who isn't well-known, yet such is the severity of Jets' problems. Mark Sanchez may yet prove to be more than just adequate maybe even excellent. At the moment, he's an enduring character, and that is good enough.

The narrative threads connecting Carson Palmer, Matt Leinart, and Mark Sanchez are privilege and talent. All three attended high school in Orange County and were highly-sought prospects who played for Pete Carroll at USC. The trio were all top-ten picks in the Madden NFL 24 Draft.

Where they diverge and intersect in the form of injuries and the subsequent hardships of playing Madden NFL 24. Palmer has twice suffered an ACL tear that was catastrophic. Leinart's last action in his debut in Madden NFL 24 was replacing an injured Palmer for the Raiders in 2012. And Sanchez was unable to play for the Raiders last year because of a shoulder injury, is getting a second chance on a new team because of the team's broken clavicle same injury that caused Leinart's second shot at. Sanchez may yet replace Palmer for the position of Cardinals team's starter, but only to complete the ouroboros.

In a moderately uninformed assessment the Palmer decade of exemplary footballing has elevated the Trojan three to "almost an average level," while the headlines generated by the two younger players ensures a steady stream of entertainment. The bottom line is that I cannot recommend the use of a USC quarterback for your professional team -- in case the only other choice is one of the Notre Dame alumnus.

Jim Harbaugh told me that 28 years ago in an interview that was one-on-one with him at Bicycle Jim's Restaurant in Ann Arbor. He was at Michigan, I was covering his team and him for the Detroit Free Press and we were both drawn to the awe and fascination of then Michigan coach Bo Schembechler.

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There was no other way to be with Bo. If you were a player for him or wrote about him the direct, blunt open and honest sincerity took hold. As a player, Harbaugh didn't agree with his opponent. As a writer, I disagreed with Harbaugh's writing style. But his integrity and perseverance could not be denied. He inspired you to think.

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