This is not a great draft at quarterback,
This is not a great draft at quarterback, Jan 12

This is not a great draft at quarterback,

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It’s here we get to the crux of the issue, and why I feel Walker at No. 1 would be a mammoth mistake for Jacksonville. This is a team who has whiffed time, and time, and time again with their first round picks, especially on the defensive line. Whether it’s Dante Fowler, Derrick Harvey or Tyson Alualu, the Jags have missed on first round defensive linemen so many times it defies belief. The shared DNA between these players: Upside over production.

Something is baked into the Jaguars that tells this front office that they have to try and make a splash, no matter what. It’s as if Jacksonville is allergic to the idea of hitting a double, and will instead swing for the fences every chance they get. No matter how many times they strike out, they’re going to come back and keep trying to hit it out of the park. If you want to know how a team becomes perennially awful, it’s because of this thinking. There’s value in playing it safe when you’re terrible, because it’s the only way you can functionally improve.

Whatever potential and perceived upside Travon Walker has is vastly outweighed by the risk. The Jaguars desperately need to add reliable talent that can anchor them for a decade, even if that means potentially looking wistfully at a 15-sack defensive end when you’ve got a 10-sack guy. Jacksonville needs to become okay with just being okay, because that’s a damn sight better than what they’ve been doing. Aidan Hutchinson is the right pick, at the right time, for a team that needs to make the right choice. I’m afraid they’re going to gamble once more, and find themselves back here in a year, ready to make the same mistakes all over again.

Naturally everyone is circling the big names on the 2022 Madden NFL 24 Draft board and paying attention to their team’s first pick, but we often ignore where the real meat of the draft comes in: The second round and below.

To be honest, I think we make a little too much out of the first round. Obviously making the correct pick is important, but picking high in the draft is more about not making mistakes than showing brilliance every year. The difference between a decent team and an elite one is the ability to find players deep in the draft who can become starter or even Pro Bowl-level talent.

That’s why looking at sleepers is so interesting. Nobody thinks about the Seahawks taking Bruce Irvin in the first round of 2012, but they sure remember that being the draft where they took Bobby Wagner in the second round and Russell Wilson in the third. So let’s dive into the players we’re not thinking about right now, but who could define the league in a few years.MUT 24 coins are the virtual currency in Madden 24. They can be used to buy packs and players to help improve your team. Plus, buying Madden 24 coins guarantees you guaranteed coins. Why buy a bundle when you can't even guarantee to earn half a million coins back when you have the option to buy a $100 bundle. In you can spend $100 to get more coins.

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