At this point he’s not a threat in the passing game,
At this point he’s not a threat in the passing game, Jan 12

At this point he’s not a threat in the passing game,

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While Hardman had better resume coming out of college with plenty of film against SEC defenses, I think it’s not difficult to imagine Austin III having the same impact on the field. While he might not be as versatile as the Chiefs’ receiver, he could potentially develop those skills and round out his game.

It’s really difficult to project where Allegier will go, but I suspect he’ll be a late Day 2 pick due to position. He could absolutely be taken earlier, but this is a case of RBs being de-emphasized in the Madden NFL 24 to the point where even the top do-everything backs are going to be taken in the late 1st, at the best.

Allegier is not a player who can offer much in the passing game, but as a second power back he could find a home as one of the best in the league in goal line situations. His 5’11”, 224 pound frame and knack for finding gaps could make him an asset.

There are things he needs to work on, most notably showing more drive against the pile to push back interior linemen. I still see a lot of potential as a change of pace back.

I’m very big on Likely, who will likely finds projected in the fourth or fifth round. A former receiver, he’s very much learning true tight end traits where he’s a below-average blocker and needs Madden NFL 24 conditioning — but as a work in progress I think he could become special.

A big play master who stuffs the stat sheet, Likely finished with 912 receiving yards and 12 touchdowns this past season. He will fall due to lack of pure obvious projection at the next level, and while his route running isn’t quite good enough to become a dedicated receiver, I think he could develop into a big weapon.

While Arnold works small spaces better, we’re talking about the same solid receiving core that’s not really an asset in blocking. I think Likely could learn more at the next level, and with some training and conditioning could be a huge Day 3 steal.
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