Diablo 4 will differ significantly
Diablo 4 will differ significantly Jan 13

Diablo 4 will differ significantly

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Diablo 4 will differ significantly from Diablo 3 in many significant ways; The sheer volume of level testing in Diablo 4 might be the most huge of these. The testing is also interestingly remembered for the game's final phase.

Bar Fergusson, senior manager of the Diablo establishment, and Joe Shely, game chief, discussed the extensive testing, final game content, and live-administration requirements of Diablo 4. Fergusson referred to Diablo 4 as "the game that I feel is more thoroughly tested than that any other game that I've been a part of," noting that the game was made available to everyone at Activision Blizzard in addition to friends and family to guarantee its quality (even the friends and family test was a 40-minute leak).

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