That concludes the latest absolution by EA
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That concludes the latest absolution by EA

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The Blades earned promotion to the Premier League last season, so will the EA Sports FC 24 Sheffield United ratings contain plenty of upgrades? There are plenty of familiar faces at Bramall Lane from their previous time in the Prem, with a few new signings made by Paul Heckingbottom too.

The EA Sports FC release date is drawing near, but don’t expect to get an early look at any Sheffield United players in the Premier League player ratings reveal! Take a look at our predictions for the full Sheffield United ratings in FC 24 below.

It has to be said, that Sheffield United doesn’t have the most exciting squad in FC 24! We usually expect taller players to be slower, however, his 6’5” frame doesn’t slow him down. Dominant defensively, quick, and strong, other clubs may be looking to snap the big man up.

There aren’t many players here that could tempt you to take them on in FC 24 Career Mode. A lack of any of the best young players or even wonderkids means there isn’t even the prospect of talent in the future! Here is our EA Sports FC 24 Sheffield United ratings prediction:

Sheffield United looked to play-off final losers Coventry City to strengthen their squad in FC 24. Another new signing for Sheffield United in FC 24 is Tom Davies. He has transferred from Everton to United, and by the end of the season, he might find himself in a relegation battle against his former club!

Gustavo Hamer is an all-rounder with decent physicality stats who isn’t afraid to engage the opposition and break down play. Anel Ahmedhodzic is a giant at the back for The Blades and also one of the most promising players in the squad.

On to a familiar face for those who watched Sheffield United in their previous Premier League spell, with Republic of Ireland international John Egan. Consistent at the back, he knows what it takes to succeed (and fail) in the top league.

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