The move I am a fan of significantly less at mmoexp NBA 2k23
The move I am a fan of significantly less at mmoexp NBA 2k23 Feb 04

The move I am a fan of significantly less at mmoexp NBA 2k23

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While I'm a fan of the talent on the other I find it odd to watch the Eagles pay a huge sum for a pass rusher when they've got three first round draft picks with astounding depth at the position. It seems like a waste of funds, unless there's an ulterior motive to this.

Tomlinson was among the top offensive linemen this group and his departure is likely to be big to the 49ers. It's highly unlikely San Francisco could keep Tomlinson in the first place, based on his cost that he incurred, and this feels like fair compensation from the top to the bottom.

Tomlinson will provide protection and much-needed leadership to Jets offensive line and we hope Zach Wilson can show something through more time in the pocket.It's incredible that Seattle has made the best and worst move in the area of safety back-to-back. While it's disappointing how Jamal Adams has been for the gamble, Diggs has been equally amazing.

This is a huge vote of confidence in his rehab after Diggs' season was ended because of an ankle dislocation. If all goes as planned for the Seahawks, they're retaining a 2-time Pro Bowl player at a great cost.The lower grade is due to the fact that a large money signing for a player returning from injury poses an opportunity.

It's not too early, but NOBODY is enjoying a more exciting in free-agency than the Bengals. Two signings and they've secured two really great offensive linemen who could start immediately. They're also on excellent deals.

Karras is a top 15 guard on the list of PFF, and an athlete Bill Belichick lauded for his dependability. The Bengals attempted to trade him in the middle of the season because of the way they enjoyed Karras and, now, they receive him on an excellent deal in exchange for nothing.

We'll talk about Alex Cappa a little later and I'm loving what Cincinnati can do. The team is doing exactly what Cincinnati needed to accomplish.Someone was bound to pick a number that person is Pittsburgh. This is the largest "boom or bust" free-agent QB signing that's available, however it's evident the Steelers put a cap on the possibility of a madness.

The signing won't stop the Steelers from still choosing a rookie QB during the draft and using Trubisky in the role of a bridge however I believe there were better bridge QBs available in Jameis Winston as well as Teddy Bridgewater. The goal with Mitch can be the Bears truly were at fault for his inconsistency and that he'll be able to achieve an opportunity to make a comeback similar to Ryan Tannehill in Tennessee.

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