Elden Ring: All Shabriri Grape Locations for Hyetta
Elden Ring: All Shabriri Grape Locations for Hyetta Apr 02

Elden Ring: All Shabriri Grape Locations for Hyetta

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Shabriri Grapes are Key Items in the Elden Ring required to progress Hyetta the Finger Maiden's questline. After having completed Irina's questline on the Weeping Peninsula, Tarnished will meet Hyetta in the vicinity of in the Lake-Facing Cliffs Site of Grace in the Liurna of the Lakes region. Hyetta informs the main character that she is unable to see but still enjoys things in her life that she enjoys which include eating yellow oozing eyeballs, which she calls "Shabriri Grapes."

In order to advance the beginning of Hyetta's story in Elden Ring, Tarnished must collect three Shabriri grapes for her. First, the "grape" will be located within the Elden Ring's Stormveil Castle. To locate this, Tarnished has to pass by Godrick's throne chamber and follow the pathway that leads to the cliffs that begin at Liurnia. After dropping down near the exit, they will be required to go to the wall that is opposite the doorway to find the ghostly figure. They will need to loot an item near the ghost in order to get the Shabriri grape.

Second Shabriri Grape in Elden Ring is hidden in the Purified Ruins located in southeastern Liurnia. Tarnished can be reached by riding north on the Liurnia Highway and turning left after traversing huge fragments of rubble. They'll need to explore the Purified Ruins within the Elden Ring until they come upon an underground entrance boarded with planks of wood. By rolling or slamming the boards, they can open up the stairs that descend. The crypt can be entered by the Tarnished under to uncover a Shabriri Grape and the Two Finger Heirloom within a chest. The second time around, Hyetta can be encountered immediately west of the Purified Ruins close to the lake.

The third and last Shabriri Grape for Hyetta is located on the extreme western part of Liurnia of the Lakes. To the north of the Minor Erdtree, Tarnished will discover the Revenger's Shack together with the Site of Grace. They must rest in the Site and start to loot from the corpses that lie inside the wrecked cottage. In a short time, Edgar the Revenger will take over the player's world within the Elden Ring and must be defeated to drop a Shabriri grape. It is important to note that Edgar is not going to appear if the player does not enter the shack. Additionally, they must be aware not to relocate or travel fast, as it could make Edgar unable to enter.

Edgar the Revenger is outfitted with a Banished Knight's Halberd. That means Edgar the Revenger has a long reach for each attack. So, players need to be aware of the degree of security they will have combating from a small distance from. Once Edgar has fallen, he'll shed the eyeball with the most oozing. The person who is tarnished must be able to deliver the "grape" to Hyetta near The Gate Town Bridge in the east, to complete this part of her NPC quest in Elden Ring.

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