Fut 23:Chelsea's team is fresh off an impressive
Fut 23:Chelsea's team is fresh off an impressive Feb 27

Fut 23:Chelsea's team is fresh off an impressive

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There's plenty of time left for Rice to grow into an outstanding DM. The players in FIFA 23 should just keep in mind that they shouldn't shoot at goals with this player as Rice isn't a goalie in any way.

He may be getting older with age, however, no one was as close to Busquets in his best days in his role as DM. Busquets is one of the main factors behind why Barcelona was able to remain dominant throughout such a long period in the decade of 2010.

At 34 years old Busquets is still considered high by a lot of players and fans. His score of 85 in FIFA 23 proves this, even though his speed is a bit prone to injury when he moves his ball in the forward direction.

Inter Milan might not be at the same level as it was during the reign of Antonio Conte during their title-winning season however their players are in a league that is their own. One of the main factors that helped them win the title in the 2020-21 season was due to the contribution of Marcelo Brozovic in his role as DM.

Brozovic is a master at passing as well as dribbling and defensive which makes him a fantastic player who can tackle opponents and propel the ball forward by himself. But, players must be aware that his speed isn't the fastest and his poor position can result in players moving ahead of him effortlessly.

Manchester City is a squad that is brimming with talent that is amazing in pretty all positions. Their coach employs a variety of different formations during games ensures that each player has their chance to shine.

Rodri is one of the players who plays a major role for City when he is on the pitch. His position as a DM allows him to excel by providing adequate support to the defense and creating balls that can be used to start an attack.

Liverpool Under Klopp has been absolutely dominating, despite their poor performance this season. The team has a number of important players who make this team extremely risky and dangerous, with Fabinho being one of them who has been the key to the numerous trophy wins.

He's at the peak in his professional career an aspect that FIFA 23 also pointed out. His defensive skills are in a league of their own, allowing him to stop most attacks early before they can be dangerous.

Casemiro's move from Madrid to Manchester United has been nothing less than amazing. After spending a number of years at Real Madrid, Casemiro has made the decision to play with Manchester United in the Premier League for the first time in his career.

He's yet to make an impressive debut in Ten Hag's team, but it's clear the fact that this man is absolutely full of quality. His physical strength and impressive defensive skills make him a force to be reckoned with in the DM position.

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