P2Pah WoTLK:After you've passed through the gate
P2Pah WoTLK:After you've passed through the gate Feb 28

P2Pah WoTLK:After you've passed through the gate

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You'll only need to take out your blue human base located on the high on the top of the hill in the northwest region of the map in order to complete the mission. You can disregard the base that's on the ground in the northwest region if you decide to do so. Of obviously, removing it will stop the attacks from this direction, making it an excellent option. If you decide to expand the gold mine that lies in central part of your map be sure that it's secure because it's in the way of any attackers who are coming in.

When you're ready for a rout on this blue-colored base get two or three zeppelins to the laboratory located in the middle, and fill them with your standard assortment of equipment. Catapults are essential in this scenario, since the base is filled by guard towers. Be sure to have plenty of attackers with range, since there are quite a handful of gryphons and maybe the odd gyrocopter. Be the leader by using wyverns to ensure that there are no gryphons in the area and waiting to attack your Zeppelins. In the open area and raze the foundation, and then you can go into the cave to look for the oracle.

Thrall, Cairne, and their fellow comrades have explored the cave that lies on Stonetalon Peak in search of the mythical oracle. However, an enchanted dungeon brimming with dangers awaits the trio. They have to break up and go on separate quests to determine the best path.

Walk-Through This is another adventure in dungeons with a tiny group of troops. It starts with Thrall along with a few helpers, and then you must make the rounds through a sequence of battles and puzzles to locate the oracle. Micromanagement is crucial as you're dealing with just a handful of units that aren't able to be replaced. Be aware of the condition of each unit and move them around in battle to ensure that they are healthy.

The only witchdoctor's healing spell allows you to recharge after or during the battle, if required, and Thrall's chain lightning is a must to deal with numerous enemies. A large use of the feral spirit is recommended as it provides you with disposable units to make fuel for your troops.Dismantle crates similar to these to uncover valuable items.

The path is quite straight and simple within this underground dungeon. You can exit the first room, fighting skulls as you move. Once you have reached your first fork turn left to grab an intelligence mantle +3 for Thrall before you exit the room, and head to the south. You can break the gate that is on the south wall of this next room and eliminate some enemies to gain the ring of regeneration. Return to the room, and exit to the left.

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