P2Pah WOTLK Classic:The enemy is completely unstoppable in this mission.
P2Pah WOTLK Classic:The enemy is completely unstoppable in this mission. Mar 01

P2Pah WOTLK Classic:The enemy is completely unstoppable in this mission.

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Illidan is finally free after 10 millennia spent in prison. In the blink of an eye, he's met by Arthas and is invited to join a quest that is said to be beneficial for Illidan. The stealing of the Gul'dan's skull from Tichondrius can eliminate the corruption that is sweeping through the forest however, how does it fit into the plots of the King of the Lich?

Walk-Through The walk-through has cost you Furion and Tyrande for this mission however, you'll be able to make advantage of Illidan's powerful melee skills. Additionally, you have access to the talon's druid which can serve as a scout, in form of a stormcrow, as well as the claw druid that can boost battle effectiveness by using the roar spell, and transform into bear for enhanced combat power. Use the druid of the claw specifically in your army for this task in addition to the traditional formula of huntresses, archers dryads, and huntresses.

The first objective is to get to the Gul'dan's skull that is guarded in the upper right-hand corner by a number of felhounds and infernals. Gold mines are located in the north and west the base. So you should expand into one of these whenever you are able to. Be aware that they'll be attacked quite often by doom guards as well as corrupted satyrs. Your troops will be moving from one place to the other between your base and your expanding base all the time If you're planning to divide your troops into two, and keep one in each location, it's an excellent idea to do this.

There are two night elf settlements, both around half way across the map on either side. It is possible to destroy them in order to stop the satyr attacks that attack your bases. The most annoying attacks are those made by felhounds and doom guards However, they also are displayed on the map through demon gates, therefore destroying bases is not necessary.

Once you've gathered a large assault force, make your way to the Gul'dan's skull. With enough troops, you'll get rid of the doom guards and the infernals safeguarding the treasure. Illidan's ability to immolate can make him more effective in battle, as is the druid of the claw's the roar. The skull's protectors are killed and then shift Illidan into it to begin the transformation process. When he is transformed into a demon, your objective is to eliminate Tichondrius which is located in the upper right corner of the map.

Tichondrius has a pretty robust doom guardsman as well as he's able to summon many infernals too which means he's very secured. Furthermore, he's got over 1.700 hits and only Illidan is able to cause harm to him. As a demon Illidan is a ranged attacker and your best option is to cover Illidan with druids of the claw as well as huntresses, who will act as buffers when he strikes Tichondrius outside of range. Don't be concerned about taking out anyone of Tichondrius his guards.

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