Mmoexp NBA 2k23:The 27-year-old's defensive qualities
Mmoexp NBA 2k23:The 27-year-old's defensive qualities Mar 22

Mmoexp NBA 2k23:The 27-year-old's defensive qualities

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The first time it was discovered by MP1st to pre-install NBA 2K23 on Xbox Series X|S has demonstrated how big this year's version of the basketball game is going to be. The NBA 2K23 filesize comes in at 152GB which is among most massive games on the platform currently now.This is a lot bigger than other titles that would be perceived as having rather large file sizes.

Based on listings from the Xbox Store, the now less streamlined Warzone comes with a size of 95 GB, GTA V is 96 GB, Assassin's Creed Valhalla comes in at 112 GB, in addition, Forza Horizon 5 will take up 119 GB of your storage space. It's more than the huge adventure game ARK: Survival Evolved, which has a file size of around 150 GB.This huge NBA 2K23 file size is also the equivalent of two Halo Infinites, or more than three Elden Rings.

It's also significantly bigger in comparison to last year's game, with NBA 2K22 coming in at less than 120 GB across each of platforms.NBA 2K is packed with tons of amazing games, but no one believed that 2K23 would be the magnitude this is.Let's just hope that there's not too many in the pipeline for Xbox Series X games with file sizes on that scale and you'll have to be doing some serious space management...

Are you looking for a player who can keep things under control and clean up on those defensive boards? These are the best defensive players in NBA2K23.Defense is essential in basketball and having players who can stifle the opposition, prevent good looks, and even force a poor shot can be just as integral as a ball handling player. The same is true all the time in NBA 2K23.

With the increase in three-point shooters, perimeter defence is more valuable than ever, but the players on this list are just as capable on the interior; as the saying goes, "Offense wins games defence wins championships."Below, the players will be ranked by their Defensive Consistency (DCNST), but their other attributes that make them the best defenders in the game will be explored as well. A table with an expanded list of defensive players is at the end section.

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