P2Pah WOTLK Classic:Visit our website to purchase gold to WOTLK
P2Pah WOTLK Classic:Visit our website to purchase gold to WOTLK Mar 29

P2Pah WOTLK Classic:Visit our website to purchase gold to WOTLK

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It's a boring battle, yet it gives you something to do. And phase one is kind of a sleeper phase (without any Heroics), in my opinions, as well as a number of others as well. I know a lot of people have been waiting around currently, but I'm waiting for phase three, in fact.

Therefore, the earlier we receive it sooner, however, also don't over-commit yourself to it. However, if you can give it to us on the 9th day of January is great. It will give us about three or four months in Phase One, and I consider ideal for phase one. They've also said they're looking for certain facets to have a longer duration than other faces. Therefore, we'll try our best to determine what's probabilities that it will be a five month phase in the event that my assumptions are right.

Some of you people might believe that the entire leak in itself is fake, and it could be, I decided to locate a different image that is something very similar. It was made public a few months ago. The article also discussed numerous leaks which were proven to be real. So for example, this one is right here.

It's exactly the same leak on the same site and also basically the exact same image again, and it had everything just like wow, classic rocks bottom chain Global's global launch on September 26. while 10 points Iran global launch on November 28. and called the voice on to global launch November 16. This time, just to clarify a point, one 10.0 pre-patch on October 25. which was true also for North America 126 for EU and, as previously mentioned, that was also true. Another classic was not pre patched and was a pre-sales on August 30.

I'm sure this was the time that it was released as well. So by me showing you this, it will give additional credibility to the leak. Although some may say it's fake, I'm saying that it could be fake and must be true, I'm not sure. We'll discover the truth in four days because if the entire leak is meant to be accurate, then season two of season of mastery will be coming out in four days. Whatever the case, let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Also, a fun video to watch for today.

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