I'm having a little difficulty believing
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I'm having a little difficulty believing

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It's not a secret that the number of new players has been falling since the launch which, in turn it's been increasingly difficult to fill Warbands to access all of the content. Many players have expressed frustration due to the pressure of filling up Warbands slots to take on the limited content. This update provides a better understanding of some aspects of these concerns. Therefore, we've provided a brief overview of the revamped system.

Warbands now have new exploration experiences. Two replayable game modes and added passive bonuses awarded by upgrading and defending the castle. For players to be a part of the action must complete the quest, get to level 20, and join an Warband. Speak to Valstus on the streets of Westmarch to begin the questline.

You'll have to split and conquer each important area of Castle Cyrangar while facing off against the spirits of chaos that live in each room. Once all you've done is Warband have cleared the castle's rooms you can place up your Warband banner and ask the members occupy and upgrade the rooms.

If you've succeeded in destroying Castle Cyrangar, you'll unlock two playable modes (Standard mode and Endless mode) to defend your position. If you're familiar with Overwatch the game plays like Junkenstein's Revenge which requires you to face an assault of enemies that will come at you every single round. You'll be rewarded with sweet prizes like Ancestral Weapons or Invocation Gear that can activate you to activate your Ancestral Weapon Effects.

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