It is also telling that the game flat-out recommends
It is also telling that the game flat-out recommends Jul 10

It is also telling that the game flat-out recommends

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Diablo Immortal's core gameplay is in essence, the same it was in the initial three Diablo games. Because Diablo is a mobile game initially, actions seem a little less exact, character building appears slightly less detailed and there's an overall feeling that the game allows you an abundance of freedom to adjust to the touch controls. This isn't necessarily a bad thing but the difficulty increases with time.

As is typical in Diablo, you'll also collect loot along the way which is a large amount of loot. Each enemy who you battle will drop a kind of magic weapon or piece of armor You'll be constantly changing out equipment to grow stronger as you go. Everything you don't use is salvageable this, and it's one of Diablo Immortal's best features. Instead of selling off unnecessary gear or scrapping it, you can use it for parts, then apply those parts to strengthen the gear you'd like keep. This gives you a steady sense of progression, and allows you to plan long-term character strategies around certain important pieces of equipment.

There's nothing negative to say about the gameplay, which is instantaneous in Diablo Immortal. Fighting the demonic hordes can be satisfying. There's plenty of variety in characters' classes, abilities, and possible build options; there's plenty exciting loot to be found. In terms of structure, however, the game isn't without its flaws.

Diablo Immortal doesn't cost anything to play, but within the first few hours, I began thinking it should cost. I would've much preferred paid a single, flat fee to play completely at my own pace, instead of being being continually bombarded by (surprisingly expensive) microtransactions every time I played. Diablo Immortal is by no far as terrible as free-to-play games can get, but every single F2P technique hinders the game rather than help it.

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