Tell her to never quit and maintain it and she will realize her dream

Tell her to never quit and maintain it and she will realize her dream

I checked that the youtube video and I was already impressed if it had been just a video regarding the ieniemienie-origami you did there. Rly cool! Also liked the Animal Crossing Bells videos! You are amazing at this

Love the tiny little novels. They must have been fiddly to create. Edit: after watching the video it looks like the books were probably the simplest part.

That is so adorable!! How can you get started designing dollhouse furniture? I've been wanting to do it, but I don't know where to get started!

So cute!!! I would like to also say, you put a great deal of work and thought into this, this amazing!

Just curious, why am I getting always down on this sub? It is not the first time . I don't care to go downvoted when I said something stupid but that I was giving someone a compliment?

What I want to know is if any of you obscenely creative individuals have been able to make irl nova or mush lamps yet?

I watched the YouTube video also and has been super engaged the entire time. Would really like to try out something similar to this too (but I know mine won't look quite as great as yours)! Thank you for sharing!!

My girlfriend is attempting to get into Optometry school, and she wanted to attest her dream through Animal Crossing, this is the fruits of her labor!

Hi OP! Optom student here. Can she design my own upcoming testing room please? Additionally, main point I was intended to make actually, on a course like this being passionate is everything and she is already nailing that piece. I live for this type of excitement about our future livelihood. Bless her! Best of luck to her

Tell her to never quit and maintain it and she will realize her dream! Additionally, I love this room notion, it looks great!

I am currently an optometry student in cheap Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells Canada so if she has any questions, feel free to message me

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